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Welcome to ALMEER Chennai: Your Partner for Outsource Automation Control Engg. Services

      The automation control engineering services execution at ALMEER Chennai is done by continuous supervision of well-experienced Team Leaders, each with more than a decade of enriched control systems experience of various platform and third party interfaces. Thus our customers can unleash the potential of every employee in the utility to serve customers with better quality. Our team is focused on providing specialist support services to main process automation vendors / integrators for their monitoring and control applications for their customer’s industrial requirements.

      Each project is assigned to a Team Leader, as prime coordinator, who manages the project and the customer relationship. The Team Leader will be available through all working days to provide status updates by phone or e-mail. Our outsource automation control engineering services are most victorious by optimally utilizing the present day developments of ‘Business without Borders’ approach emerging in the revolutionary Information Technology / Office Services.   read more

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ALMEER Chennai mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction through timely and cost effective delivery of outsource automation control engineering services, which are comprehensive, and meets all our stakeholders' business requirements.