Major Clients / Systems proficiency:

ALMEER Chennai provides the following “Exceptional” Professional Automation Engg. Svcs:

  •  Develop XL based cost-effective custom made production report based on real time and historical data source to meet operations requirements (shift / daily / weekly / monthly).

  •  Develop XL based Loop Drawings.
    • Input required are:Terminal details about field transmitter / switches, junction box, marshalling, barrier, DCS / ESD / PLC I/O, Controller details/tag name, etc. are required to be illustrated in the loop drawings shall be furnished by customers in an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, the already approved cable schedule and control system vendor furnished signal wiring details or I/O database with termination details upto marshalling terminals covers the input required for loop sheet generation, the same are suffice for us to generate the required loop drawings. Also, it is preferable to have the customer approved sample loop drawings of each type to avoid to and fro approvals process with your end users.
    • Deliverable: Loop drawings, both in pdf format – for submission to customer and in Excel format for internal correction/update enabled (including with track revision history) with security/password protected. Since it is Excel based, any responsible technical person, who is assigned the right password could modify the loop sheets, as and when changes during project execution phase or during maintenance phase.
    • Justification: Customer have need of to enlist more resources / manpower based on project quantum of this unique work, whereas ALMEER Chennai will produce the same fully verified and ready for submission within shortest duration.

  •  Link the instrument loop sheet assigned to the specific tag displayed in the graphics - for quick access of loop details by maintenance personal for immediate troubleshooting.

  •  Develop DeltaV Database Viewer on Excel Application.
    • Input required: Plant active DeltaV database
    • Deliverable:Complete DeltaV database structure will be exported to an Excel sheet with area and module name. Each module work sheet replicates the function blocks as how it is arranged in the control studio. All the important required parameters of any function block can be viewed by just clicking on the function block.
    • Features: Latest backup of plant logic can be checked in the excel sheet. Any person in the instrumentation or plant can review the logic from his own PC with no risk. This can be used as a training tool to the maintenance technician to understand the plant logic.   Back