Major Clients / Systems proficiency:

ALMEER Chennai provides the following Professional Automation Engineering services:

  •  Develop Specifications for DCS, HMI.
  •  Develop Control Narratives for DCS and ESD / SIS system based on the Boolean logic.
  •  Control System Architecture.
  •  IO database listing and management.
  •  Control system configuration.
  •  HMI / Graphics development and testing.
  •  Interfacing third party devices in various field/third party communication protocols like Modbus
  •  RTU / ASCII / IP, Ethernet TCP / IP, Fieldbus / Profibus, DeviceNet, HART, etc.
  •  Staging and Factory Acceptance testing.
  •  Loop check support and site start-up support.
  •  On site Operator and Maintenance training.
  •  Miscellaneous drawings/documentation such as GA/IA, panels layout and so on.
  •  Post installation / AMC services:   
  • Careful inspection and maintenance performed by our qualified specialists can reduce or eliminate the risk of lost production time caused by system failures that could have been avoided if the right things had been checked, verified or tested on a prescribed schedule.
  • A well-designed maintenance program can reduce long-term equipment deterioration and may prevent premature equipment failure or damage.
  • Our Scheduled On-Site Services can help to minimize the chance of unexpected emergency service calls and costly equipment failures.   Back